[Release] - LDM 1.0.16

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[Release] - LDM 1.0.16

Hi, Lil Drum Machine 1.0.16 Demo/Full was released today on Play with the following updates.

  • Fixed various crash bugs in UI.
  • Added - FileDialog Long press file actions (new directory, rename, delete file).
  • Fixed - Restore right drawer pinned state.
  • Fixed - Master EQ, Limiter bypass.
  • Removed 3.2 Export Preset warning dialog.
  • Fixed - High and Bandpass tooltips.

One thing I didn't note in this update is the FileDialog's directory favorites was added. So you can in any directory tap the right star outline and it will save that directory to your favorites list.

The directory favorite list is accessed by tapping the left star, will then list out your favorite directories for browsing. 

The remove a favorite, just tap the star outline and that directory will be removed from the favorite list.

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Favorites. Excellent. Thank

Favorites. Excellent. Thank you.