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Released - TG Content Packs, DrumSynth1, Minimal1, Minimal2, HipHop1, Synth3

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Released - TG Content Packs, Synth2, SynthPad3, DubTech1, TechHouse1

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[Release] - LDM 1.0.16

Hi, Lil Drum Machine 1.0.16 Demo/Full was released today on Play with the following updates.

  • Fixed various crash bugs in UI.
  • Added - FileDialog Long press file actions (new directory, rename, delete file).
  • Fixed - Restore right drawer pinned state.
  • Fixed - Master EQ, Limiter bypass.
  • Removed 3.2 Export Preset warning dialog.
  • Fixed - High and Bandpass tooltips.

One thing I didn't note in this update is the FileDialog's directory favorites was added. So you can in any directory tap the right star outline and it will save that directory to your favorites list.

The directory favorite list is accessed by tapping the left star, will then list out your favorite directories for browsing. 

The remove a favorite, just tap the star outline and that directory will be removed from the favorite list.

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Caustic Guide Released

It has been a long journey with a lot of work but I offer the Caustic Community a tool that can greatly expand the Sound Design and Sequecning capabilities of the Caustic App by Rej at Single Cell Software.


Caustic Guide is a Library Manager that imports and exports Caustic rack data.

- Create new empty Template or a Template from an existing .caustic file, A Template is a proxy of a .caustic file with metadata.
- When choosing a .caustic file to create as Template, you can play/audition the .caustic file in the browser real-time and look at another users' metadata they added.
- Export Templates as a .caustic file with metadata that shows in the popup when the Caustic App is opened.
- Batch export Caustic preset files for each selected machine.
- Batch export Sounds(complete machine state, preset, 2 effects, mixer, pattern data, pattern automation, song pattern track, song piano roll, song automation.) Custom metadata can be applied to all Sounds before export.
- Export a Group of Sounds. This is 1..14 Sounds that are copies of full Caustic machine state as listed above.

When importing a .caustic file with Modulars that have MachineInput components, the Group export screen will list the master and slave relationships. Also, checking a Master will select all slave machine automatically for export in the group.

- Import Preset, Sound or Group into an existing Template as a new machine or in the case of a Group, multiple machines. When importing, you will have the granular option of importing any piece of the Sound e.g. mixer, patterns automation etc that you will use in the new .caustic file.

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Maschine4Bitwig intro video

I made this a couple months ago but, I thought I would share it for those that might not know it exists that are using Maschine as a controller for Bitwig Studio and my script. I have been working on some Caustic applications and haven't had a lot of time to work on this script in the last month or so but, I will get back to it when I have some more time. It is quite functional as it is. The main thing that needs work is the step sequencing expanded. Mike

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Maschine Studio, MK2, MK1 and Mikro MK2 Bitwig Studio scripts


It has been a long road of bugs and other various setbacks for these scripts.

I have spent the day refactoring and getting the basic transport and pad work in for all 3 controllers.

Some notes right now, the pad section is under construction as we speak and you can play on the pads but, things are in flux.

I am announcing this right now since all the features listed in the wiki are tested and stable and the list will only be added to. As is stands you can control most of Bitwig's transport and such, take a look at the wiki.

I have a lot more implemented under the covers in code, but since i actually have the controllers to test with, I am not releasing this as alpha for those that want to use their Maschine to control whats listed.

The displays on the Studio and MK2 work, along with the encoder knobs.

Native Instruments made it really hard for me to transition a lot of the code from the Push4Bitwig script, so I have been inventing new ways to set modes and views etc.

Notes as of now and I will update this as I go;
- Beta 1.1 required on 1.0.15
- Windows it seems has a bug in the driver for pad lighting, this has been a pain in the ass, NI is looking at it.
- Mikro pad lights don't really work right now but play notes.

I have scales and other things working but I am creating a way to toggle modes without using NI's knob pages, pain in the ass.

I will update this post as I add features, thanks!

Latest Stable release zip archive;

Here is the GITHub repo;

Here is the GITHub url for the zip;

Here is the GITHub url for the wiki function list;


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Bitwig Studio and my future projects

Hi, Well reading the last post of mine a couple months ago and seeing where I am today, just proves never loose optimism in life, you just don't know where it's going to take you. So, a month or so ago I invested in some hardware controllers namely the Maschine Studio and Ableton Push. I also decided I loved working with "new" things so I purchased the 1.0 version of Bitwig Studio (https://www.bitwig.com). Well needless to say, one thing led to another and I started using Bitwig's JavaScript controller API to hook up my KeyLab49's knobs and sliders to control Bitwig. After some experimentation, Jürgen Moßgraber a user I knew from http://www.singlecellsoftware.com posted up his project http://mossgrabers.de/Software/Push/Push.html for the Push and Bitwig Studio. Well one thing led to another, he ended up making a GitHub account for it; https://github.com/git-moss/Push4Bitwig then we started collaborating.

So at the current moment we are working together to get the Ableton Push (https://www.ableton.com/en/push/) controller fully functional using Bitwig's JavaScript controller API! I am also working on a mobile framework for Bitwig and Android right now, more on this later but, here is a prototype screen shot of the same exact javascript framework working with my Android implementation. Please excuse the nasty graphics, I am emulating the hardware push's controls to test functionality. This application's UX could be completely "new" and laid out differently then the hardware for obvious reasons. :) Mike

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Update - Location within the Universe


Life is a very fickle and insane joy ride through unknowns and surprises. For the last year I have been working on Caustic related projects and if you read the last blog post, I was showing of this little DAW/IDE project I had made with LibGDX and the Caustic Core.

Well my life has gotten in the way of that large project and sent me off course. Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing right now other than tinkering with possible smaller ideas and goals.

Unity is definitely something I want to explore more and tune my 3D modeling skills more with blender. Other than this, 2014 seems to have gone into oblivion again with trying to plan any type of real projects.

So, Caustic Live is on permanent hold until I know what the heck I am going to do this year.


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CaustkWorkstation Update - 02-10-2014

Update: 02-10-2014

Just thought I would post an update to what I got done in the last 4 days;

- Base IDE framework working with views and panes, full command framework, undo/redo If yuo look at the right where it says history, that is like a Photoshop history to rewind and fast forward all application commands. You can see I have delete and move commands in there right now

- The Patterns view is populated when you click on a track, it shows all patterns of the machine, you can click on the list item to preview the pattern, if you like it, then drag it into the sequencer. (previews in pattern mode)

- Transport controls in tool bar. This is really important, have the tool bar implemented now means I am just creating commands finally, this thing is starting to grow.

- Move, Delete, Add, Trim song sequencer clips.

- More little stuff but I just got that major foundation finished this weekend.


And Pattern preview pane;

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Back into Unity and stuff


It's been along time since I have blogged, about 3 years now of change that Flash has finally been laid to rest, Adobe is finally out of my companies picture and I have successfully helped build a community over at www.singlecellsowftware.com.

Its that time in your life that you focus back in on yourself and see what you have learned. I have been developing some audio frameworks, using LibGDX for Java graphics on top but, now after some very deep searching, I have decided to take a whack at Unity again for fun, well we will see if its just for fun.

For most that don't know my past, I started developing Flash components back in 2001, tiny Flash 5 and smart clips. I found out that I loved developing UI components, so I made a some to sell and did quite well. Then came Flex, the first "RIA" like framework that was mainly built around Flash's component framework. I took that and created some very large commercial components, did well there also. The main key and you can probably still google my name was in help and support. I had 1000's of flashcoders and Adobe forum posts helping people learn the user interface programming, I loved it.

It wasn't until 2011 when the executives at Adobe thought it would be fun to kill Flash because Steve Jobs said he didn't like it. So, within 2 months of November 2011, any serious developer in Flash/Flex knew they had to find a new job, this is when HTML5 and JavaScript were starting to take over web RIA anyway.

Long story short, I wrote a cross compiler for ActionScript to JavaScript in 2012, only to burn in flames, I have extensively used ANTLR and written a full lexer/parser for the ActionScript language, grammar and all.

During this time I ran into Unity. Unity reminded me of the spark I had dragging and dropping behaviors in Flash 10 years ago. I am such a visual programmer so now I am diving in with a couple projects to have a bit of fun.

This site is going to focus on my Caustic projects and Unity projects, with some LibGDX thrown in. So I will have Java and C# code probably.

Anyway, this is my first blog post in a long time, feels good. And see you in the future.



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