Maschine Studio, MK2, MK1 and Mikro MK2 Bitwig Studio scripts

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It has been a long road of bugs and other various setbacks for these scripts.

I have spent the day refactoring and getting the basic transport and pad work in for all 3 controllers.

Some notes right now, the pad section is under construction as we speak and you can play on the pads but, things are in flux.

I am announcing this right now since all the features listed in the wiki are tested and stable and the list will only be added to. As is stands you can control most of Bitwig's transport and such, take a look at the wiki.

I have a lot more implemented under the covers in code, but since i actually have the controllers to test with, I am not releasing this as alpha for those that want to use their Maschine to control whats listed.

The displays on the Studio and MK2 work, along with the encoder knobs.

Native Instruments made it really hard for me to transition a lot of the code from the Push4Bitwig script, so I have been inventing new ways to set modes and views etc.

Notes as of now and I will update this as I go;
- Beta 1.1 required on 1.0.15
- Windows it seems has a bug in the driver for pad lighting, this has been a pain in the ass, NI is looking at it.
- Mikro pad lights don't really work right now but play notes.

I have scales and other things working but I am creating a way to toggle modes without using NI's knob pages, pain in the ass.

I will update this post as I add features, thanks!

Latest Stable release zip archive;

Here is the GITHub repo;

Here is the GITHub url for the zip;

Here is the GITHub url for the wiki function list;