Back into Unity and stuff

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It's been along time since I have blogged, about 3 years now of change that Flash has finally been laid to rest, Adobe is finally out of my companies picture and I have successfully helped build a community over at

Its that time in your life that you focus back in on yourself and see what you have learned. I have been developing some audio frameworks, using LibGDX for Java graphics on top but, now after some very deep searching, I have decided to take a whack at Unity again for fun, well we will see if its just for fun.

For most that don't know my past, I started developing Flash components back in 2001, tiny Flash 5 and smart clips. I found out that I loved developing UI components, so I made a some to sell and did quite well. Then came Flex, the first "RIA" like framework that was mainly built around Flash's component framework. I took that and created some very large commercial components, did well there also. The main key and you can probably still google my name was in help and support. I had 1000's of flashcoders and Adobe forum posts helping people learn the user interface programming, I loved it.

It wasn't until 2011 when the executives at Adobe thought it would be fun to kill Flash because Steve Jobs said he didn't like it. So, within 2 months of November 2011, any serious developer in Flash/Flex knew they had to find a new job, this is when HTML5 and JavaScript were starting to take over web RIA anyway.

Long story short, I wrote a cross compiler for ActionScript to JavaScript in 2012, only to burn in flames, I have extensively used ANTLR and written a full lexer/parser for the ActionScript language, grammar and all.

During this time I ran into Unity. Unity reminded me of the spark I had dragging and dropping behaviors in Flash 10 years ago. I am such a visual programmer so now I am diving in with a couple projects to have a bit of fun.

This site is going to focus on my Caustic projects and Unity projects, with some LibGDX thrown in. So I will have Java and C# code probably.

Anyway, this is my first blog post in a long time, feels good. And see you in the future.