CaustkWorkstation Update - 02-10-2014

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Update: 02-10-2014

Just thought I would post an update to what I got done in the last 4 days;

- Base IDE framework working with views and panes, full command framework, undo/redo If yuo look at the right where it says history, that is like a Photoshop history to rewind and fast forward all application commands. You can see I have delete and move commands in there right now

- The Patterns view is populated when you click on a track, it shows all patterns of the machine, you can click on the list item to preview the pattern, if you like it, then drag it into the sequencer. (previews in pattern mode)

- Transport controls in tool bar. This is really important, have the tool bar implemented now means I am just creating commands finally, this thing is starting to grow.

- Move, Delete, Add, Trim song sequencer clips.

- More little stuff but I just got that major foundation finished this weekend.


And Pattern preview pane;