The Lil Drum Machine is aimed at users that want to experiment with rhythms in isolation and then have the ability to export their beats to wav, ogg, midi loops or a Caustic App multi-loop .pcmsymth preset.

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Create wav/mid loops for your favorite DAW, the Caustic App or just have fun creating your own unique rhythms.

MIDI is exported as one file containing individual channels for each Lil Drum Machine channel. Easily load in your favorite MIDI editor or DAW of your choice.

Contains NO ADDS for demo and full version, just pure uninterrupted drum sequencing fun.

A Demo version of this application is also available on Google Play.

Demo Version – Google Play

Lil Drum Machine main

Main Features

  • Create new projects using one of 12 existing kits.
  • Load / Share existing projects.
  • Export Selected pattern as wav, ogg or mid loops.
  • Export all pattern loops to a Caustic App .pcmsynth Preset format. All loops are exported as wav files and mapped for loading into a Caustic PCMSynth as Caustic’s native .pcmsynth preset format.
  • Application settings for performance, UI scale and application defaults.
  • Help link to online documentation, the app also installs local documentation in the Help directory.
  • Master mix volume.
  • Display for current project, pattern and pattern time.
  • Play / Stop the pattern sequencer.
  • Master and 12 channel VU metering.
  • Tempo beats per minute 20bpm to 200bpm.
  • Master effects editor, 2 insert effects and EQ on master channel.


  • Pattern lengths of 1, 2, 4 and 8 measures.
  • Pattern custom color and name (custom pattern name used in loop and pcmsynth exports).
  • Pattern Swing, 1/8th and 16ths grid types.
  • Pattern Follow through each measure during play.
  • Choose between 16 unique patterns with varying measure length.
  • Choose current pattern view / edit position when not in pattern follow mode.
  • Copy / Paste all channel content.
  • Copy / Paste all selected channel content.
  • Double selected pattern content.
  • Clear All Channels pattern content.
  • Clear Selected Channels pattern content.
  • Sequence 16th notes in a classic step sequencer.
  • Adjust each note velocity with sliders.
  • Show / Hide Position, Pattern, Velocity and Step Sequencer with right drawer toggle buttons.

Channel Features

  • Load an external wav sample for each channel.
  • Adjust Amp Level, Tune, Decay.
  • Adjust Efx Pan, Delay, Reverb sends.
  • Adjust EQ High, Mid Bass range frequencies.
  • Adjust Filter to None, LowPass, BandPass, HighPass.
  • Adjust Filter Cutoff and Resonance.
  • Add 2 Effect inserts per channel. Choose Compressor, Multi Filter, Delay, Reverb, Distortion, Bitcrusher, Flanger, Static Flanger, Comb Filter, Chorus, Phaser, Auto Pan effects.

Drum Kits

  • The Lil Drum Machine includes 12 classic and unique drum kits/percussion banks to get you started sequencing drum beats.
  • All 144 wav samples are included so you can mix and match sounds if you do not have external wav samples already installed on your device. The samples are installed the Samples directory at application install time.

When exporting wav or ogg audio loops, the options exist to wrap the loop tail to beginning, cut the loop tail or detect full loop silence that contains all release effect tails. Exported audio exports to /root/LilDrumMachine/Exports on the device.