Android and Caustic

We develop Android Audio applications and design Caustic App sound packs.

Android Apps

Making fun Android applications for the mobile musician. Check out the Lil Drum Machine and Caustic Guide.

Caustic App Sound Packs

Create professional PCMSynth and Beatbox presets for use with the Caustic Android App.

Bitwig API

Worked on Open Source projects such as Push4Bitwig and Maschine4Bitwig for use with Ableton Push and Native Instruments Maschine.

Teoti Graphix, LLC has almost 2 decades of experience with application development and design. We have been involved in many Open Source projects over the years “before it was cool”.

We also have years of experience in sound design and over 6 years experience with the Caustic App on Android intimately.

All our products are created with precision, testing and pride so when you buy our products, they just work.

Android & iOS Caustic Content Packs

Check out some great sound palette add-ons for the Caustic Android & iOS app.

Android Apps on Google Play

Our current Google Play apps.

Lil Drum Machine

Beat making on Android

The Lil Drum Machine is aimed at users that want to experiment with rhythms in isolation and then have the ability to export their beats to wav, ogg, midi loops.

Caustic Guide

Extending the Caustic App.

Caustic Guide is a Library Manager that imports and exports Caustic 3.2 rack data. Save your favorite machines, effect settings, mixer settings and more, then reload into existing or new .caustic files.

What users say

Android app reviews.
Lil Drum Machine

Lil Drum Machine


"Brilliantly made. Simple to learn. UI is fantastic. Largest amount of potential I've seen in a drum app so far. Love the export to the pcm in Caustic. I look forward to seeing what projects you do in the future."

Caustic Guide

Caustic Guide


"Essential companion to Caustic."

Lil Drum Machine

Lil Drum Machine


"Wow....... Man this is just sick! I absolutely love this thing. Has an almost ‘Detroit~techno~esque' sound and vibe to it, at least from what I have been making instantly from just experimenting around with it...Just very dope!!"

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