Teoti Graphix Android and Caustic

Our main developer, Mike is a Dad,  Musician and Artist. Currently developing Android Mobile Apps along with Bitwig controller scripts for Ableton Push and Native Instruments Maschine.

Before getting into technology, Mike lived in Seattle, WA and had a passion for guitar and creating beats with the newest electronic gear. His day job found him Land Surveying and drafting in AutoCad.

Shortly after the birth of his children, he moved into the role of being a stay at home, working Dad.  In 2003, Teoti Graphix, LLC was born. In the beginning Mike worked with Flash MX and Macromedia Director developing 3D models and architectural walk throughs utilizing the Shockwave player on-line.

He then progressed into Lightwave 3D as a graphic artist and modeler.  Prior to moving onto Mobile Android App development he worked  designing and developing Adobe Flex custom user interface  components. He has  been involved in many open source projects over the years,  ranging from compilers to ui components.

In 2011, Mike became involved with Rej, the sole creator of the popular Caustic App. Mike created the Single Cell Software web site to support and  foster the growing community of musicians using Caustic.

Today, Teoti Graphix, LLC specializes in Android app development using the Caustic Core sound engine to power it’s audio apps and 3D modeling and pipeline development using SideFX Houdini, Modo, ZBrush,  Substance and Unity 3D game engine.

Now Teoti Graphix, LLC enters the event horizon that is Houdini.

Audio Apps

Mike has many projects that have been in development for many years that extend the core functionality of Caustic and  push the limits to allow more “bolt on” apps that extend Caustic’s already massive audio power on Android mobile.

Current releases for 2017 included the long-awaited Caustic Guide and the fun Lil Drum Machine app.

For relaxation and a break from hard core programming,  Mike creates professional sound packs to extend Caustic’s PCMSynth and Beatbox machines. Currently there are 40 packs available on Google Play.  Future releases will be available only through Teotigraphix.com store.

Check them out! – https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Teoti+Graphix,+LLC 

3D Procedural Modeling