Teoti Graphix Android and Caustic

Mike is currently an Android app developer, Bitwig Studio controller script developer, Artist and Musician.

Teoti Graphix, LLC specializes in Android app development using the Caustic Core sound engine to power it’s audio apps.

We have been in involved in the Caustic ecosystem since the very start and created the Single Cell Software web site while fostering the community of growing musicians for Rej, Caustic’s sole developer starting in late 2011.

Since that time we have worked on apps that extend the core functionality of Caustic and will keep pushing the limits to allow more bolt on apps that can extend Caustic’s already massive audio power on Android mobile.

More recently, Mike has been putting time into making professional sound packs to extend Caustic’s PCMSynth and Beatbox machines. There are 40 packs available on Google Play to extend Caustic’s sound range.

Check them out! – https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Teoti+Graphix,+LLC

Mike, the single developer has been involved in many open source projects ranging from compilers to ui components and most recently Bitwig controller scripts for Ableton Push and Native Instruments Maschine.